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Define Your Target Audience, Niche & Branding Goals

We believe in knowing your customers first, then creating the perfect brand and digital experience for them based on market and user research.


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We believe in creating websites that have compelling call-to-actions, good SEO backbones, and are enjoyable to use on any device.


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We believe that it doesn’t stop at the launch of a new website. You need to increase traffic to your site using social media, blogging, affiliates, email lists, SEO and digital advertising.

Meet Lauren Kyle

Founder & CEO Of Marceil Marketing & Design

I got into digital marketing during my time at university studying sociology & anthropology by starting a lifestyle blog and brand that I built from scratch and grew an online community from. Before I knew it I was building brand partnerships with beauty companies, growing an Instagram following, and pursuing web development and design.

I’ve worked in marketing now for over 8 years as a freelancer, in-house specialist, and business owner who helps startups go from a following of zero and no branding or digital presence to a booming business with a major digital impact.


Lauren Kyle on Social:


Websites, Landing Pages & Brands Built


Organic, Authentic and Engaged Instagram Followers Gained for Accounts I Manage in 9 Months


Annual Advertising Budgets Managed


CTR Growth in Ads Managed When Compared to Industry Standards


International Markets Served


Marketing & Design Experience

What I’m Also Known For:

Ice cream and tacos, my low-key obsession with Hawaii and Instagram filters, spontaneous deep philosophy conversations, anything artsy, and my guilty pleasure Diet Coke.