What is Digital Advertising?

Digital advertising (otherwise known as pay-per-click [PPC] advertising is when you either pay for the top search results (paid search), banner ads on other websites (display advertising), sponsored social media posts (Facebook or Instagram ads), or you pay for digital sponsorships with industry partners. We have experience managing all types of digital advertising and will work with you to create a highly refined strategy that is specific to your businesses needs. Digital advertising is a great way for new and  young businesses to get more visibility and traffic without the years it usually takes a business to gain
awareness in a community.

What it costs

Our digital advertising management costs $1500.00 USD for project set-up + $1000.00 USD monthly management fees plus your ad spend. (We require a monthly ad-spend minimum of $500 - $1000). Ad budgets over $1000 are subject to minor additional management fees based on a percentage of ad spend.

What's Included in Our services

PPC Campaign Set-up:
• Keyword analysis + segmentation
• Campaign construction + settings
• Text/Image ad creation
• Landing page creation
• Basic extension development
• Conversion tracking set-up

Monthly Management:
• Campaign optimization
• Keyword optimization
• Ad management testing & development
• Extension development
• Monthly reporting

How Long It Takes

Our digital advertising management takes 3 weeks to complete, and you will receive all included reports at the end of this period (on the 15th of the following month). Our PPC campaigns are set up to be 100% data driven based on your actual search traffic results, will be monitored and adjusted on a weekly basis, and will consistently and slowly show improved click-through rates and traffic results. You will see your initial increase in traffic within one week of the campaign being published.

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